Friday, May 28, 2010

The Farewell to Food Tour Has Come to an End

Tomorrow I am starting the liquid diet required to shrink my liver before surgery. At first I had convinced myself to only do the diet for 4 days prior, but I thought about it and decided that I have to learn will power, so I needed to attempt the full 10 days, well really 9, as surgery day I can't eat or drink anything. So of course, I have attempted to eat EVERYTHING I love. I wasn't able to fit all of my favorites in, but I did have lots of my favorite foods the last few days: Las Palmas, McDonald's, Sonic, Starbucks Coffee, well you get the idea. Plus, I had my last big GNO for a while. I am going to be the DD for a long time, so I went out with a bang!

Today was "date day" with my granddad. We go to eat at Famous Dave's weekly and have for four years, since Nana died. It was a tough decision today to pick what to eat, but I settled on the ribs & macaroni, and of course, a corn muffin. Tonight I had a really tough decision on what I wanted for my "last supper". I decided to go w/ a ribeye from O'Charley's, sweet potato fries, potato soup, and rolls. See a pattern? I love bread!! I'm going to finish tonight of with a banana split and hope that I don't get sick from all the food!

As the date gets closer, I can't help but be a little nervous. I am more excited than nervous, though. I wish it was already June 7 so we can get this show on the road! I think my mom is really nervous, but excited too. I am opening up to more people about what I'm doing, and so far everyone has been pretty supportive. Only one person asked if I didn't want to try "conventional" methods, but I explained to them that I had tried them all with no success. I hope they understand I am not trying to take the "easy way" out, as this is going to be harder than anything I have ever done. I think they understand, but I still feel a little self conscious about their reaction, like I'm just being lazy or something. The work I will have to put in will be anything BUT easy!

Anyway, things are a little better in other areas of my life. Work is going well, and the personal issues are still confusing, but I feel better about that after today. Amazing how one phone call can make you feel better. I have so much to get done in the next week, I hope I can get it all together. I am a little confused over the different supplements I have to take, hopefully my dietitian will email me back!

Ok, so I'm off to eat my banana split! Let's see how this liquid thing goes tomorrow.....

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