Friday, June 18, 2010

11 Days Post-Op

Wow, it's been a while since I posted, but it has taken me a while to feel back to "normal". So surgery went well. Still don't know why I had to be there at 5:30 am when my surgery wasn't until 10:30!! It was just me & mom since my Uncle Shorty is in the hospital & dad stayed in Murfreesboro to take care of Hershey.

Monday is a blur, as is most of Tuesday. I do remember mom's friends from work coming by- they all had the surgery too, so it was nice to meet them. Wednesday I got up and walked some & took a shower- that felt great, but it wore me out. They released me Thursday and I went home with my mom for a few days. Unjury protein did NOT agree with me- it's like sand. After my shower & subsequent 2 hour nap, Mom & I went out on Friday to see Uncle Shorty & to go to GNC & find another protein source. After we got home I was so exhausted. The new protein was nasty too. Ugh. Saturday was the back hurt all day, I felt sick to my stomach. I stayed on the couch all day w/ a heating pad. I thought I was dying.

Sunday I turned the corner a little bit. I convinced mom that I was ready to go home to Murfreesboro. Hershey was very good- he didn't jump on me or anything. Mom straightened up the house, for which I was VERY grateful. I settled in on the couch and actually didn't feel too bad. Still struggled with the protein though. Did I mention it's nasty?

Monday I braved the scale for the first time. Did my eyes deceive? Had I REALLY lost 13 pounds in a week?!? Apparently it was true. Tuesday I went to Zach's baseball game, and just walking from the car to the field & back killed me! It was great to get out though. Wednesday I visited a friend at his store, then went to Target w/ Jill & Khalil. That REALLY made me tired. Got home and just hung out till bedtime.

My follow up with Dr. Olsen was yesterday. He chided me for not getting my fluids in, so I am really trying. It's not as easy as it sounds, since you have to sip everything. I did get another week off of work since I was misinformed of when the 2 weeks off was supposed to start (discharge, not surgery day). Can't say I'm sad about not going back, except for the boredom. Since April 1 I have lost 25 pounds, most of those since last Monday. I am almost to the lowest weight I have known in 5 years!

Today I dusted off the treadmill (not ready for the gym again quite yet, as I am only able to walk in intervals) and it felt good! My bone spur didn't bother me at all for the first time in 2 years! I did two walks at 15 minutes each, getting up to 2.2 speed. Slooooow! It took me 30 minutes to walk a mile- that is slow for what I used to be able to do! It will get easier, and hopefully I'll be running again in no time. I really want to do a 5K by the first of the year.

Not eating sucks. I am DYING for something with taste & consistency. Eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese- ANYTHING! I can't advance to soft food until next Thursday (if I can hold out), so for now it's water, popsicles, ice, & broth (sound familiar?). Dr. O said to get fluids in first, then worry about protien, so that's what I am doing.

Well, now that I have caught up, I'm going back to my slushie (ice=chewable!). Will update when there is something to tell.

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