Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 More Days

It's almost time! I'm excited, nervous, scared, but mostly excited. This week has been rough, trying to ingest mostly liquids. I did ok, but I did have solid food up until last night. Today & tomorrow,nothing but liquid & today I have to drink that nasty magnesium citrate stuff. Guess I won't be getting out much today :)

I still have so much to do- I need to get packed and figure out transportation to the hospital and care for Hershey. I would really rather drive myself, but dad is being pretty insistent about going with me. I'll figure it out sometime today.

Ok, so gonna go drink this nasty stuff and hope it takes effect quickly and that I'm not stuck in the house all day. It's too nice for me to just sit here and I'm tired of feeling depressed.

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