Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shopping in My Closet

Haven't had too much to update. I've been back to work for a week (boo!) & am finally on regular consistency foods again. I'm learning what's good & what isn't (veggie dogs=disgusting), but since I can only eat 3-4 ounces per meal, it's not that hard. I can finally have shrimp & crab legs again-YAY!-& I've had the opportunity to indulge in both this week.

Work was pretty tough the first few days. Coming back right before a holiday weekend was hard, but I made it. I've struggled with fluid intake & learned not to take too much Vitamin D at once (hello, dry heaves). I was pretty obsessed with the scale the last couple of weeks, couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving. Lesa made me realize that I need to back away from the scale & maybe not even weigh except at dr. appointments. I've done well after talking to her about it, but I cheated & weighed yesterday, just out of curiosity & I'm down to 213- officially the lowest weight I've been in five years!! Minor victory accomplished. I knew I'd lost some, because I'm now having to go through my old clothes to find things to wear. It's been nice to shop in my closet, finding some of my favorite things fit again. It also sucks, because I'm quickly finding that they are getting too big too. I know, what a horrible problem to have, right? But I loathe shopping. I guess because I hated it so much the bigger I got. Now, I'm kinda excited to shop, but know that I can't spend too much money because soon those clothes will be too big as well. Went shopping yesterday, but didn't find anything. That always happens when I have money to spend. I held onto Christmas & birthday cash just for such reasons, but I know as soon as I spend it, I'll find things I like & won't be able to buy them.

I've started interval training, & so far it's been ok. I really want to run a 5K by the beginning of next year. I'm ready to start weight training again, but I haven't been cleared to lift yet. I enjoy weights so much more than cardio, but both are important. I go back to Dr. O on the 15th, so hopefully he will clear me to start doing more. I've only been working out at home, but I'm ready to get back to the gym. I also want to look into Zumba & yoga classes. Anything to keep me interested in exercise, as I get bored very easily.

I'm looking for a new job. I just don't believe that my purpose in life is to sell groceries. I'm also still looking into school. Jill told me I'd make a great teacher, but I can't afford that pay cut. Desiree is trying to find me a job where she works. It would be Monday-Friday, 8-5. I haven't had a schedule like that since 2000 when I worked at the newspaper. It would be great to have weekends off & a schedule where I don't have to worry about asking off for events & hockey games. I hope something opens up, I'm growing very weary of the retail business, & I'm not sure I like the direction our company is headed. By giving up my store my stress level is much lower, but I dread going to work daily. It just doesn't mean anything to me. It's hard to work in an environment where I don't feel I serve a purpose.

Speaking of work, I gotta go get ready. Will update again when I have anything interesting to say.

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  1. I am rooting for you! You look great though I have only seen you a couple of times since moving back to the Boro. You go girl!!