Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Month Check Up ( a little late, but hey...)

Went back to see Dr. O a couple of weeks ago, and everything is progressing well. As of that day, I had lost 62 pounds since my consultation on April 1. He said I am at a point where he expects patients to be after 6 months at only 3 months out. I was hoping that meant adding back some foods to my incredibly restricted diet, but no luck there. I am expected to lose around 90% of my excess body weight, and am currently at 54%. I am afraid that I would look weird if I lost that much weight, but we'll just have to wait and see how my body reacts. As of today, I'm at 169 pounds. Not too bad.

I was able to get the nurse to send me a copy of the picture they took of me on April 1. Wow. I look at it to remind myself how far I've come, but I don't hardly even recognize that person anymore. If I can get it scanned, I'll add it in. I need to post some before & after pics on here anyway, maybe that will be my next entry.

On an exciting note, I purchased a new pair of jeans today... in a size 10! I can't honestly remember the last time I wore a size 10- maybe freshman year of college? Needless to say, I was VERY pleased!

I have noticed that it's taking my mind a while to catch up with my body. It's hard to remember that I'm not the "big girl" anymore. For example, I met up with a friend the other night who is teeny, and in my mind- I was huge next to her. Now I know I'm not, but I'm just so used to being bigger than my friends that I can't seem to get my mind to accept the change.

I've been slacking on the workout front, which isn't good since I will soon leave the "honeymoon period" where the weight just falls off & I will actually have to work harder to maintain it. I hate the gym... I hate running...but I need to tone up areas of my body. I need to find more motivation to work out... if only swimsuit season were fast approaching. I bet Zach that I would be in a two-piece by next summer, so I better get on it, especially the abs part, if I want to win that bet!

Eating such a limited menu is tiring... I'm soooo sick of chicken. I keep trying to remind myself that I'm eating to live, not for pleasure anymore. It's hard now that hockey season is starting & there is nothing at the arena that I can eat, and I miss the post game Steak & Shake trips. But, I go back to see Dr. O in December, so hopefully then I'll be able to add some foods back into my diet.

Another issue I'm noticing is being cold... all the time! At the hockey game the other night, I thought I was going to shiver to death! Guess I'll be investing in thermal wear for the season.

Well, that's about all the news I have right now. I'll post again when there is something to talk about (or when I can get the pictures up).